After the success of his career as international pop/rock producer and drummer, ARTIMIST80’s journey has finally arrived.

ARTIMIST80 (AKA Ricardo Soares), a prominent figure in the Synthwave and Retrowave scene has finally gone solo after more than a decade of producing music hits for other artists.

Should we give up on our deepest dreams?...

My journey as Artimist80 is a process of self-knowledge and personal transformation. It is a deep dive within oneself, in search of understanding the emotions, thoughts and behaviors that influence our lives. On this path, you often have to face fears, insecurities and traumas, but it can also bring wonderful discoveries and the ability to deal with difficulties in a more balanced and conscious way. It's a lonely road to follow, but one that can bring a feeling of fullness and connection with yourself and the world around you.

ARTIMIST80 produces all his tracks at his own studio - Soundtrap Productions (Porto, Portugal) - creating Synthwave / Retrowave atmospheres and ambiences with 80s sound references.

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